Checking Out Bass Pedals, Mutate, and Spectrum by Wave Alchemy!

Wave Alchemy Kontakt Bundle

Presenting an amazing synth bundle from Wave Alchemy for Kontakt (Full version)!

Today we’re going to take a look at some amazing synth libraries for Kontakt from Wave Alchemy: Bass Pedals, Mutate, and Spectrum! 

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Bass Pedals is sampled from the Moog Taurus synthesizer and contains super phat, raw waveforms from this iconic synth, as well as some incredible designed presets. As the name implies, this instrument is perfect for adding thick low end to your tracks, from nasty, saturated basses to earth shaking subs, Bass Pedals will deliver the low end!

Mutate is a hybrid synth instrument for Kontakt, and is a very powerful sound design tool for creating your own synth sounds. Using a core library with just under 4gb of content, you can then use the on board sequencer and FX to create incredible bass wobbles, percussive tech loops, pulsating synths, hi-hat grooves, and more. This is an amazing tool for creating your own custom rhythmic-based presets and adding movement and groove to your tracks. Load up a ready-made preset or start from scratch, the choice is yours.

Spectrum is a hybrid wavetable synth instrument, which sampled 15 iconic synths and used the content to create 185 custom patches. Load up to 4 waveforms and create your own evolving pads, as this instrument is perfect for drones, pads, and more!

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