Checking Out Cabal 8 by Wavelet Audio!

Cabal 8 by Wavelet Audio

Cabal 8 from Wavelet Audio is a bone crushing 8 string guitar library straight from the depths of hell! Standard tuning for an 8 string guitar is F♯, B, E, A, D, G, B, E, but many players tune the low string to an E… that’s right, you can tune your lowest string to be an entire octave lower than a standard 6 string guitar… now that’s some serious sludge.

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8 string guitars have gained popularity in recent years, thanks to uber aggressive sub-genres of metal such as doom, sludge, and other more extreme varieties. Wavelet audio sought to produce the ultimate 8 string guitar solution: perfect for realism with a multitude of articulations, but also just as good for cinematic sound design.

There are three separate guitar instruments: Clean, Crunch, and Hi-Gain. You can load up the Clean guitar and run this thru your favorite amp and cab simulators, as well as your favorite guitar effects plugins in your DAW. Crunch has a nice, slightly overdriven tone, with the most distortion reserved for the Hi-Gain instrument, of course. I personally loved doubling the Crunch with the Hi-Gain.

Velocity determines which articulation will be played, from sustains to palm mutes and harmonics, and it’s super simple to get realistic, natural performances with the amount of articulations included. 

Additional features include the ability to tune each string individually, so you can experiment with alternative tunings easily, and easy options for panning, double tracking, and more, all housed within a hauntingly beautiful interface. This is one seriously sinister guitar library, and  can hold it’s own with the best of them, whether you’re after realistic chugging, shredding, or sound design, Cabal 8 has you covered!

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