Introducing SampleX by BeatSkillz

SampleX by BeakSkillz

Sometimes when making productions entirely “in the box”, the music can sound lifeless or lacking in personality. For many musicians, buying analog equipment that would breathe life into their music is too expensive and inconvenient. Fortunately, with a plugin like SampleX we can easily take our existing clean sounds and make them sound as if they were made on a vintage sampler! To make things even easier there are plenty of built in presets that correspond to many classic vintage samplers including the SP1200 and the Z-Mirage.


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The main controls are as follows:

This allows you to adjust your bit depth from 24 bit all the way down to 4 bit.
– I found this great for getting the sound to be more “crunchy”. You can even make instruments sound more 8-Bit with this feature.

This allows you to change your sample rate. It ranges from 96kHZ (or your DAWs sample rate) down to 2kHZ. 

– I found this great for getting the sound to be more “rainy” and textured.

This is one of the most unique features of SampleX as it can give us the “aliased / ring” sound that early samplers have. 

– I found this feature great for adding character to sounds.

With this feature you can emulate the technique of “overloading” the pre-amp to get a pleasing “driven sound”. This was a feature found in the S900 sampler.

– I found this feature to be excellent for making drums sound bigger and more punchy.

Finally, there is an awesome filter that can give you warm and dark tones. It is a 24 DB/oct Low Pass with a resonance option that can create interesting pitches when pushed to its extreme. Definitely suitable for lo-fi hip hop music and making things sound smooth.

In conclusion, SampleX is a great way to take your sounds into new territories. You will quickly find you can get results that are reminiscent of the golden era of hip-hop production or early electronic music.

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