Checking Out Guitarist by Sugar Bytes

Guitarist by Sugar Bytes

Sugarbytes’ Guitarist is a plugin which functions as a powerful and fully programmable rhythm guitarist, right in your DAW. The plugin itself features a very powerful sequencer with a plethora of options to alter and enhance your rhythm patterns. You can decide which chord will play, including multiple variations of each chord, such as a separate voicing for the same chord, (diminished, fifths, sevenths, etc) adding additional notes on the fretboard, emulating bar chords, deciding which strings will be strummed (useful for simple power chords), choosing from various strumming styles, adding mutes, dampened notes, and dead notes, etc. It’s a super powerful plugin and will seem overwhelming at first, but it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You can use it for simple chord progressions which each ring out for one bar, or for super fast thrash-metal style chugging, even reggae upstrokes and more. 

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There are some amp models to choose from as well as a DI signal, and effects such as chorus, delay, and a useful Wah feature, which can function as an “auto-wah”, a talkbox, or you can modulate the wah yourself with automation, a foot pedal, or your mod wheel on your keyboard. There are some nice preset sounds and chord progressions to choose from as well, which is a very useful way to also learn how the plugin works and see the full functionality in action! It’s fairly niche but a very useful plugin for songwriters, artists, and composers.

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