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OVERVIEW: Phase Plant by Kilohearts!

OVERVIEW: Phase Plant by Kilohearts!


Phase Plant, Is the insanely flexible flagship synth from the team at kilohertz. What this soft synth does like nothing else on the market is allow a fully flexible and modular design.

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Not in the way of the modular synth emulations however limiting you to the OSC of yesteryears. But the fully configurable and dynamic modern modular system, comprising of more complex oscillators not see in the analogue counterparts like the wavetable options ever popular in recent years. 

Phase Plant Screenshot


Phaeplant begins you off on a totally blank space allows you to the build the synth that you need at that moment. 


Phase Plant Screenshot


This routing flex-ability allows for very unorthodox synth routing and building. The possibility of allowing FM synthesis for example between two totally different types of base OSC. Not something found regularly and seldom outside of a dedicated FM synth engine. This also allows for audio and modulation routing ot be nonlinear and makes almost everything linkable, You can see all the possible options when assigning a modulator with the orange icons. 


All in all this allows you to build incredible complex synths with outrageous modulations, And at the same time it lets you complete complex synth tasks far more simply than you have ever been used to.

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  1. Be sure people know that you need to own the kilohearts plug ins in order to modify the presets. If all you have is phase plant itself (and some presets), you are not going to be able to tweak the presets much. And you will be very limited in the new sounds you can create.

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    OVERVIEW: Phase Plant by Kilohearts!

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