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Checking Out the Massive AIR Music Bundle

Checking Out the Massive AIR Music Bundle


This might just be the biggest bundle we’ve had to date… the AIR Music Tech Premier Performance Bundle! 14 instruments, an entire FX suite with any kind of effect plugin you could want, and 8 expansion/preset packs

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This package truly is an insane value and one to not miss, whether you want synths, drums, pianos, effects, you can get a ridiculous amount of content for the price of one instrument.

The package includes the following plugins:

  • Synths: Hybrid 3, Vacuum and Vacuum Pro, Loom and Loom II.
  • Samplers/Romplers: Structure, Xpand 2.
  • Drum machines/groove: BOOM, Strike, Transfuser.
  • Pianos/Organs: Velvet, Mini Grand, DB-33
  • Sound Design: The Riser
  • Effects: AIR Creative FX Collection PLUS – 28 Classic Audio FX
  • and 8 expansion packs!


This is truly an amazing package for any genre of music and any skill level. Add cutting edge pianos and organs to your productions, learn the ins and outs of additive synthesis, create your own unique risers, or use the drums and groove machines to add new layers to your music. From soul, pop, trap, house, rock, etc, this bundle has something for anyone. Even if you don’t use virtual instruments and focus on recording, 28 effects for 75 bucks is a deal by itself, not to mention the ridiculous amount of additional content you get!

My personal favorites are the synths, I have been using LOOM II, Vacuum Pro, and Hybrid 3 for years. In my opinion Hybrid 3 has some of the absolute best presets for uplifting trance music out of any synth I’ve used, and LOOM 2 excels at gritty sound design and wobble basses for dubstep, etc. Vacuum Pro is great for that classic analog-tube sound, and was actually used on the main theme for the show Rick and Morty by composer Ryan Elder.

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  1. The hybrid expansion packs and the creative fx suite will not install with Mac OS X Catalina. Still waiting for Air to update them.

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    Checking Out the Massive AIR Music Bundle

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