Get a huge discount on Virtual Ensemble Trilogy by Sample Logic (compatible with Kontakt PLAYER!)

Virtual Ensemble Trilogy by Sample Logic

Virtual Ensemble Trilogy combines sounds from 3 different classic Sample Logic libraries (hence the Trilogy), RUMBLE, FANFARE, and IMPAKT. Featuring recordings from the World Champion Blue Devils performers (drumline, horns, front ensemble), this collection gives you brass ensembles (Tubas, trumpets, euphoniums, trombones, and more), a full drum corps, as well as front ensemble melodic and tonal percussion (timpani, glock, xylophone, gong, etc).

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Perfect for mock ups of marching band music, traditional Americana, or even traditional jazz/big band, this collection captures a unique and niche sound that is very hard to replicate with other percussion and brass libraries on the market. 


It’s also a worthy addition if you just need some great sounding brass or percussion for producing or composing and adding new sounds to your palette. Check it out today and don’t miss the super low price for a limited time!

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