Checking Out Morphestra 2 for Kontakt Retail by Sample Logic

Morphestra 2 for Kontakt Retail by Sample Logic

Morphestra 2, a massive library from acclaimed developer Sample Logic, has just been re-released for the Full version of Kontakt, meaning owners of Kontakt Full can get this incredible library for an even lower price. Same amazing instrument, new low price!

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Morphestra 2 has unique orchestral recordings which have been processed and synthesized to create beautiful atmospheres, creepy textures, scary strings and tremendous trombones, and practically any sound or mood you could imagine. It really can be considered an all inclusive library for synthesized sounds using organic recordings. No category is left out… where many libraries focus just on plucks, keys, pads, or loops, Morphestra 2 includes every single one of those sounds, and more. 

Utilize the multi-core functionality to get morphed atmospheres and pads that are constantly evolving, adding a sense of life and movement to your music. Combine 4 completely separate sounds to get a percussive pad with a plucked attack that also has a rhythmic loop playing as you hold the key… the possibilities are nearly infinite. While many of the sounds do start from organic, acoustic instruments (strings, gongs, pianos, brass, etc), you can still use this just like you would a software synthesizer, creating huge basses, piercing leads, or synth-wave style keys. Check out the video and don’t miss out on the super low intro price!

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2 years ago

Morphestra2 is possibly THE “desert island” Kontakt library. It’s not that it’s just superior—it leads the way in so many ways. Great sounds and numerous features that will serve you well and well into the future. Think: Swiss-Army Sword. If you don’t own it, you should. The safe bet is that you will end up thinking or saying “wow” out loud many times.

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2 years ago
Reply to  lespajamas

Thank you!

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