Checking Out the Sampletraxx Horror Bundle

sampletraxx horror bundle

Sampletraxx is back with another bundle full of mind blowing sounds, perfect for trailers, action and horror music, EDM, and more!

Clockworks is a library of designed ticking clock sounds, which is a very popular trend both in trailer music, and in action/hybrid music in general (thanks to Hans Zimmer and the Dunkirk score!). These come in a variety of tempos: 80, 90, 100, and 120 bpm. There are 3 entire banks at 90 bpm, which is the perfect tempo for a slow-crawling horror or action trailer!

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AntiSystem has sounds that are tailored to horror and sci-fi, as there is a certain “tech/mechanical” vibe to a lot of these sounds. You get percussive and rhythmic loops, huge hits and impacts, risers, swells, transitions, movements, atmospheres, and more.

Rituals channels a more sinister “occult” feeling, and contains .wav files in a ton of different categories. A lot of the sounds here are derived from natural sources like violins, flutes, etc. as opposed to the more mechanical and “computerized” sound of AntiSystem. Again, you get atmospheres, tension builders, risers, hits, booms, impacts, stingers, swells, and more!

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