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Checking out Guitar Fury from Sample Logic!

Checking out Guitar Fury from Sample Logic!



(Owners of any of Sample Logic’s Cinematic Guitars libraries are eligible for a crossgrade discount)

Today we want to check out a new product from Sample Logic, Guitar Fury! Over 40gb of guitar samples and guitar-inspired presets, let’s explore how you can use this library to create music in a couple different genres.

Guitar Fury has tons of categorized presets, ranging from clean and realistic guitar samples, distorted leads, spacey pads and swells, synth-like pulses, twangy chords, and more.


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The interface is much more simple and streamlined compared to the previous Cinematic Guitars products, so you can focus on getting sounds quickly and creating music.

As opposed to super complex, evolving and morphing sounds, this library is more focused on playable instruments, such as leads, plucks, pads, etc, and can cover many genres from rock, pop, EDM, to cinematic and lo-fi.

You can get beautiful, clean tones or dark and brutally aggressive sounds, which is what I want to really explore in this video: how to use the library and adapt it to two completely different styles, uplifting pop/rock/EDM, and dark, eerie cinematic music. Check it out!

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Checking out Guitar Fury from Sample Logic!

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