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Explore A World of Sounds Right from Your Own Home!

Explore A World of Sounds Right from Your Own Home!


We’ve added some great new ethnic Kontakt libraries from Rast Sound to The Shop! Today we’ll check ‘em out and see how to use them when writing cinematic/ambient music and hip-hop beats.

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Indian Flute contain both solo playable instruments with sustains, staccato, and legato as well as tons of patterns and phrases. The inclusion of the sustain/legato patch ensures that you can write your own melodies with the instrument, but there’s also something special about the phrases and patterns, as they capture a true, authentic performance and sound amazing.

The Sufi Ney is part of Rast Sound’s Rare Instrument Collection, and is poetically described as follows: According to the Sufi, the Ney instrument resembles the human experience. The reed with seven holes suffers until a breath passes through and flourishes music again.” I couldn’t have said it better myself…

Sufi Ney again includes a solo playable instrument with sustains/legato as well as phrases and patterns, including some very long improvised phrases that I use in the demo track.

Finally we have Mideast Vocals 2, which has a few different solo vocal patches with males and females covering various singing styles, as well as a meditative ensemble patch. Again we have a vast collection of phrases and patterns and improvised singing, chants, and speech, to add new life and color to your compositions.

All the libraries require the Full Version of Kontakt to run, BUT, they also include raw WAV files of every sound, so you can use them even if you don’t own Kontakt Full!

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    Explore A World of Sounds Right from Your Own Home!

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