Checking Out Ritual Gong Drum by Riot Audio

The Ritual Gong Drum from Riot Audio is a unique product with a very interesting backstory. The drum that was sampled for this library actually spent many, many years buried underground, then was subsequently dug up by local villagers for their own use in their rituals and ceremonies. It was discovered by anthropologist Andrew Turton in the 70s, and brought to the UK. Now, it’s been sampled for us all to enjoy and use in our projects! 

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The drum has been recorded totally dry, but the built in reverb is very effective at emulating space. The left and right hand have been mapped to separate keys, so you can simulate drum rolls and crescendos easily. The overall sound is very meditative and has a spiritual vibe to my ears, it’s very pleasant and relaxing. You can get really detailed, dry “taps” and “clicks”, or you can get hugely resonant mallet hits and the like. The presets give you a few options to start from, and there are many opportunities to create your own sounds using the built in effects and reverb.

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