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Checking Out Tone Empire’s OptoRED!

Checking Out Tone Empire’s OptoRED!


The OptoRED is a transparent optical compressor plugin from Tone Empire, based on the hardware counterpart that has been used on countless hit records across the years. It’s been released as part of their “Enhanced Classics” series.

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When it comes to compressors, while they “technically” all offer the same function, each one really gives a unique vibe and color to the source material. Many mix engineers and producers will always prefer the old-school, analog hardware units, as opposed to more modern digital plugins. What Tone Empire have captured here offers the best of both worlds, delivering a pure sound that’s identical to the legendary hardware unit, as well as offering modern features you couldn’t get with older analog gear.
This plugin works great on drums, vocals, guitars, synths, and practically excels at any job you can throw at it. They’ve included a low pass filter, auto-gain, a wet/dry knob, as well as a sidechain function built directly into the compressor. It can also be used to great effect as a limiter on your master bus. Don’t miss out on owning a modern-ized classic!

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    Checking Out Tone Empire’s OptoRED!

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