Checking Out PPG Wave 3.V by Waldorf!

The Waldorf PPG Wave 3.V plugin is a brilliant emulation of the legendary PPG Wave Synthesizer, one of the most prolific and respected hardware synthesizers of the 80s.

Featured on countless hit records and studio recordings of the era, now anyone can have access to this classic sound without spending an arm and a leg on a vintage hardware synthesizer!

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This plugin is great at getting that vintage 80s sound, and has a very unique sound signature. This is not a modern, run of the mill synth plugin! You are given plenty of pre-crafted sounds to start form, with 3000 included presets, or you can start from scratch and program your own sounds with the included 164 wavetables.

From analog basses, pads, and bizarre textures to analog strings, bells, guitars, and more, this plugin is guaranteed to transport you back in time and give your tracks that true-to-life 80s sound signature that no modern synth will be able to replicate!

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1 year ago

a dream became true: PPG for me
wonderful recreation
but where are the 3000 presets?
found only a few banks on Waldorf-Site, but they have max. 128 each, mostly much less, so there´re only ~1360 presets

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