Checking Out the Massive Funk Bundle by UEBERSCHALL

The Massive Funk Bundle is another collection of top-notch, loop-based libraries from Ueberschall that run in the free Elastik 3 player. The bundle includes the following libraries:

  • Funk and Soul
  • Funk Guitar
  • Synth Funk
  • Late Night Session
  • and Synthlines.


This bundle will of course focus on funky grooves, but you’ll have a lot of material for a wide variety of genres, including rock, pop, synth-wave, jazz, fusion, and more!

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As usual with Ueberschall, these loop libraries focus on incredible live performances and contain each performance categorized by intros, verses, choruses, outros, fills, and more. They’ve captured a variety of popular instruments, including full drum kits (each piece of the kit can be separated, such as kick, snare, cymbals, etc), smooth guitars (with plenty of wah pedal applied!), funky synths, energetic basslines, and more! Don’t miss out of grabbing these libraries to add a realistic, natural human touch to all of your productions.

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