Checking Out Xperimenta Harpsichord – Fun to play!

The Xperimenta Harpsichord delivers a beautiful, natural, and realistic tone for musicians of all experience levels. And right now, the price is an absolute steal. The harpsichord is an early instrument, a precursor to the modern piano, but it has a very different sound. It’s much more metallic and sharp sounding compared to a piano. The instrument is a staple in early classical, baroque, and renaissance music.

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This sample library captures a world class Italian harpsichord built in Rome, and recorded in the Sibelius Academy Studios. The instrument has been extensively sampled: capturing each note chromatically, including instrument noise and release samples, with an array of the best microphones money can buy. The mic positions give you ultimate control over the sound, from super close and dry to a more roomy, ambient tone. The room sound is amazing and the instrument is impeccably detailed!


This library requires the FULL version of Kontakt to run. Don’t miss this deal, this is easily the best harpsichord library I’ve played in any price range.

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