In this video I’ll be showing how to make a classier reverb. Do subscribe for more videos like this and ring the bell to keep up to date with our notifications and deals. 

I’m demoing this technique on a vocal, but it’ll work with any kind of audio.

Firstly, place your choice of reverb on a send channel at 100% wet. This sounds ok but the splashiness of the reverb is obscuring some of the detail of the dry vocal.

Place a compressor plugin after the reverb and set the sidechain input to the dry vocal. This will ‘duck’ the level of the reverb when the vocal is playing. Tweak the settings to taste. 

We can go further by EQing the wet reverb after the compression, in this case cutting the low end for a sparkly top end effect. Have a listen to the before and after.

Tell us in the comments if you have any of your own secret reverb techniques. 

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