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One of the most fundamental characteristics of a good mix is achieving the ideal balance of frequencies. However, due to a tricky phenomenon of human hearing you’ll actually hear your mix differently at different volumes.

It’s all to do with something called the Fletcher Munson curve, or the equal-loudness contour. In essence, the sensitivity of human hearing responds in various ways to different frequencies and volumes. 

Put simply, high and low frequencies are more noticeable when music is played at a high volume, and they drop back at lower volumes. This means that you could be over correcting for bass and top end when mixing too quietly, or not pushing your subs and highs enough when you’re mixing loudly.

There is no ideal solution, but use reference tracks to help you. Also try setting up your studio so you’re listening at around 80dB – that’s a good mid-point for your ears. 

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1 year ago

Would you also consider the volume of the speakers being a big factor in this?

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