Woah! Faded Instruments delivers the goods with Litbit and Spectral Disturbtion

Man, I gotta admit I was really blown away by these two plugins when I was testing them out and making the video. At first glance, I thought it was just some more effects plugins to add to my arsenal that I may or may not end up using… and I’ll be the first to admit, I completely underestimated them.

These two plugins go above and beyond to offer unique features you won’t find elsewhere, and an overall character and flair that is unmistakable. The manual for Spectral Disturbtion says it best… “I’m Spectral Disturbtion… I can make some pretty f**ked up and surprising sounds”

The Plugins


What sets Spectral Disturbtion apart from the average multiband distortion is the application of Chebyshev Polynomials. It’s incredibly complex, and a demonstration in real-time is the best way to experience it. Instead of adding odd or even harmonics to overdrive the signal, you get to choose exactly what harmonics to add for the bass, mids, and treble frequencies by using a fun XY pad in the center. The “boo” and “sloo” knobs add more chaos and evolution to the sound by totally re-routing the internal signal path (boo) or applying gradual changes to the signal over time (sloo).

Litbit is another unique plugin in the bundle, this time tackling the tried-and-true bitcrusher. Of course, Faded Instruments set out to shake things up and offer not just the best bitcrusher plugin, but one that does that the others don’t. Litbit focuses on making the bitcrushing effect more organic and musical, as opposed to overly static. They do this by adding “breathe” knobs, and allowing you to sidechain the effect to any incoming audio signal. It creates a more natural and dynamic effect compared to the competitors.

Hear them in action!


In the end, these are two plugins that can totally send your audio signals to outer space or to hell and back, and allow you to have a little fun while doing it. Check it out!

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