Perfect your mixes with the United Plugins Bundle!

Today we’re going to have a quick look-see at the United Plugins Bundle, available at a huge discount for a limited time. The bundle contains three separate plugins: Royal Compressor (normally $157), FirePresser (normally $120) and FrontDAW (normally $59).

Royal Compressor is going to be the flagship product here, and it’s an emulation of the variable-mu stereo compressor (yes, the hardware retails for $4,399.00). This is one of the most-used hardware compressors of all time, and uses analog tech (vacuum tubes) to reduce peaks and compress the output signal. Ok, but what does this mean for you? It means you can have access to this vintage-sounding gear for a tiny fraction of the price, without sacrificing the warm, analog saturation and feel of the real deal. There’s a very good reason tube-driven analog gear is so coveted and revered… it just sounds AMAZING.

Firepresser is pretty unique… it offers four separate compressor models in one intuitive and easy-to-use plugin. You can seamlessly blend between all four compressor types with the XY pad in the middle… which means you can use any of them on their own, or get a unique blend of them all working their magic at once. Pretty cool!

FrontDAW was actually my surprise favorite here, because I had NO idea what it would actually do. The others I knew I would get great quality compressor circuits, but this one… I had no clue. It’s meant to be used on every single track as an insert. The description United Plugins gives is that one of their artists suggested making a super low resource plugin to use as a “front door” at the top of each mixer channel to enrich the overall sound quality and, in theory, convert each instrument or audio signal in your track into a true analog signal… giving it that warm, rich, slight saturation and tube-feel. And ya know what… it works and sounds awesome.

All of these plugins have free limited trials available, and each of them are designed to be SUPER low on resources. Check them out below, and give them a test drive if you have any doubts! These plugins deliver.

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