James’ triple threat – featuring three of our deals!

Hi Guys.

So I wrote this track using the three instruments – Kirk Hunter Kinetic Strings, Boom Bap (Fat Sounds), and The Mega Guitar Bundle from Black Octopus

Kirk Hunter Kinetic Strings sounds really great. It’s a simple and elegant GUI that doesn’t have a steep learning curve! I like my things playable straight out of the box and this is just that. It is not the strings library if you want great soaring lines, but what it does do is deliver pulsing rhythms and nice-sounding ostinato. It is very simple to create interesting polyrhythms and results are quick and easy. Thumbs up!

The Boom Bap instrument from Fat Sounds is very simple in its approach – the factory library has some useful sounds, though I have heard better samples. It is clearly aimed at the expansion packs market. There are some quirky sounds as well in the factory, and with tweaking, you can use them to great effect. I think it is a useful instrument for a beginner learning to explore beats.

The Mega Guitar Bundle from Black Octopus is a treasure trove of samples – from ambient, funky to middle eastern. Really useful stuff here – you could write a song just using this bundle. If you like samples, these sound really great out of the box.


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Greg Paschak
Greg Paschak
1 year ago

I need to win a lottery. Music is becoming a rich person’s game. The “want!” is strong.

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