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Dive into a sound design utopia with Factory by Sugar Bytes!

Dive into a sound design utopia with Factory by Sugar Bytes!


Factory is an immensely powerful and intuitive synth plugin by Sugarbytes. Factory takes synth programming to another level by making it easy and more importantly, FUN!

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At it’s heart, Factory is a polyphonic modular synthesizer plugin, which runs as a VST within your DAW or standalone (even on iPad if you want to go mobile). It sports dual oscillators and four sequencers, and what really sets Factory apart is the intuitive Mod Matrix. This is an 8×10 matrix which allows you to quickly map various parameters to different modulation “targets” within the synth. For instance, you can quickly map the cutoff to LFO 1 for a pulsing, dubstep style bass, or you can really go crazy and get insane combinations of evolving, mutated, and overdriven sounds, all within a matter of seconds. Map the pitch, overdrive, and the sub osc to different targets and create the most twisted and gritty textures imaginable.

Everything from beautiful soundscapes and pads, to gliding 80’s style leads, modern EDM dance plucks, and aggressive and filthy “wub” basses, Factory makes creating new and unique sounds a breeze. There are some fantastic presets included, created by world class sound designers, and just tweaking the parameters in the Mod Matrix will create vastly different sounds instantly.

Even to those who are new to synthesis, it’s easy and fun to create new sounds simply starting from the “init” sound. Scroll thru the 10 models available for each oscillator, adjust the sync frequency, tuning, and pitch to your liking, and experiment with standard parameters such as ADSR controls. To get some life and movement, simply turn on the Arpeggiator or the Sequencer, and if you’re feeling bold, dive in and start experimenting with the Mod Matrix, assigning parameters and seeing how each small adjustment effects the final result. It’s a ton of fun, and it’s easy to conjure up new sounds that you never would have expected.

Factory offers some really unique and intuitive control features and is a must have for composers, producers, and sound designers who want to create cutting edge, one-of-a-kind sounds and have fun while doing it.


-Brian Freeland, APD

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    Dive into a sound design utopia with Factory by Sugar Bytes!

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