JUST OUT: OPACITY by Audiomodern

OPACITY by Audiomodern is a brand new release from Audiomodern, the developers behind Paths 1 and 2, ATOM, and the fantastic plugin Riffer, among others. This exciting new library focuses on one of my favorite instruments, the guitar, and features highly playable phrases, sequences, chords, and beautiful ambience. Opacity is registered thru Native Access, which means it’s fully compatible with the free Kontakt Player!

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Keeping with Audiomodern’s affinity for beautiful design, Opacity features a slick and easy-to-use GUI, and contains various “sessions”, or presets, which act as construction kits, combining four different layers: Chords, Phrases, Sequences, and Swells. Each “session” features various styles and keys, ranging from beautiful, ambient tones, soft and understated plucks, all the way to blues/rock riffs with driving distortion. It’s incredibly easy to make amazing chord progressions all with a few key presses, and once you have your base progression down, you can start adding sequences on top of it, which include palm muted plucks and catchy riffs, and instantly adds a more driving rhythm and sense of urgency. The phrases include improvised flourishes and licks, and can act as one shots that add variation and really flesh out the composition, and the swells add thick walls of ambience, and work just as well when used as an underscore.

Playing around with all of these together, you can truly produce entire guitar instrumentals with this one library. While each session contains a focused style and mood, you can also switch out the different layers. For instance, you could load up the chords from session one, and add in the sequences from session three, etc. This gives you even more control and possibilities, as well as the different effects for each layer (chorus, delay, drive, reverb, etc.), per-layer ADSR controls, as well as a transpose function and additional global effects.

Opacity is an incredible and versatile library focused on instant gratification and giving you beautiful results straight out of the box. Even as a guitarist myself, when I’m on tight deadlines, (which is 90 percent of the time), I can see Opacity being a godsend for being able to produce such amazing results quickly and easily. This is a BRAND NEW and very big and exciting release from Audiomodern, so don’t miss the discounts, go check it out today in the shop!

Sessions in opacity in OPACITY are fun and can be aimed towards composition. get working towards your professional six string performance today!

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-Brian Freeland, APD

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