Don’t Miss These Incredible Savings From Eventide with the Eventide Mixing Bundle!

Eventide Mixing Bundle

This bundle includes THREE amazing plugins from one of the best companies around, Eventide!

The H3000 Band Delays is a creative effects powerhouse that is derived from the classic H3000 Harmonizer rack-mount processor. From standard delays and frequency automation to insane and extreme pitch shifting and experimental effects, this plugin packs a punch and is perfect for adding rhythms to static sounds and creating new and wild soundscapes from any sound source you throw at it. It comes packed with presets too!

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The Ultra Reverb is a SUPER versatile and amazing reverb plugin, containing basically every kind of ‘verb you could ask for: plate, hall, room, shimmer, outdoors, and even huge and experimental reverbs for creating other-worldy spaces. If you have enjoyed the Eventide Blackhole reverb that I use ALL the time in my tracks and during our streams, this is an amazing chance to get an even more versatile reverb, as this will cover both natural and realistic spaces as well as the huge and experimental reverbs ala Blackhole!

Finally we have Precision Time Align, which is a super simple but useful plugin for micro-adjusting and aligning samples and audio signals, such as for doubled tracks which have phased each other out.

All in all this is an incredible bundle and will be perfect for songwriters, producers, composers, and sound designers alike! Don’t miss it!

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