Exciting Announcement for the APD Shop!

APD Rating System

We’re really excited to share a new feature we’ve been working on: a new RATINGS SYSTEM for every product available in our shop. I know it can be overwhelming to sort through the many amazing products we offer, and hopefully this will offer some clarity on how much each product will really benefit you!

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First off, there is a new section directly on the homepage of The Shop, which is exclusively to list the products that are the TOP RATED in the entire store. Use this section to instantly see which products our customers LOVE the most! (This section is displayed directly under the “Bluelight Specials” section of the main Shop page)



You’ll also be able to see the aggregated rating percentage for each and every product available in the shop (ratings are collected just like the website “Rotten Tomatoes”)



Secondly, you can INSTANTLY earn $5 in your rewards wallet simply for giving us your honest opinion of any product or deal you have purchased from Audio Plugin Deals! To do this, simply do the following:

  1. Log in to your Audio Plugin Deals account.


  2. Once logged in, click on “My Account


  3. At the bottom of your main account page, there will be a list of your “Most Recent Orders”, which will display and list the product, as well as the amount of Rewards Points you earned from your purchase. (In case you don’t see all your products, keep in mind this list will continue to scroll to the left or right until you find the product you’d like to rate)


  4. Click on “Rate This Product
  5. Follow the prompt onscreen and rate the product from 0-5 sirens (0=Trash, 5= Mind Blown!)


  6. BOOM! You just earned $5 directly into your APD Wallet! Pretty awesome right?!We really hope you guys love this new feature!



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