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Mantra by W.A. Production – FREE DOWNLOAD!

Mantra by W.A. Production – FREE DOWNLOAD!


From 11th -24th  of March you can get a free copy of W.A. Production’s awesome sample pack MANTRA. This includes 8 GBs of EDM content infused with an Oriental and Arabic twist. This sample pack is a bundle of 3 sample packs including:

  • MANTRA- Drums and FX
  • MANTRA – Vocals
  • MANTRA – Kits and Templates.

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To test the power of this content I created a quick song. I was impressed by the variety and quality of content. My process was as follows:

  1. Intro section: For the intro I had a look around the construction kits and found some incredible vocals and synth pads that created an instant vibe.
  2. Buildup: with all kinds of builds, risers and fills on hand, making a buildup section was easier than ever before.
  3. Drop section: To create a lot of excitement for the drop, I added various layers of drum loops, a bass and an epic synth. With plenty of options to choose from, it was easy to quickly build something ready for the club.
  4. Pre Outro & Outro: I added some down-lifters and a few more finishing touches including trying my hand at filtering some of the audio to bring down the energy. Finally I repeated my content used in the intro one last time.

In summary, this 8 GB sample pack is filled with ideas and was a lot of fun to use. With plenty of content to explore I encourage everyone to go out and get a copy while its free.

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  1. its not free or for sale & just send it all these jumps & hoops TY @italiax5

  2. okay, I downloaded it, now where do I put it so that Studio One will see it? Do I need to create a folder in the X86 program folder for WAProduction and put it all in there?

  3. Can’t seem to be able to add to cart, clicking the Download for free button is showing Sorry, this product cannot be purchased

    1. Exactly. That’s what I was having a problem when I was like, can I use this in my d a w my machine?

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    Mantra by W.A. Production – FREE DOWNLOAD!

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