FREEBIE ALERT! Craft mesmerizing atmospheres with Bowed Glass Clouds by Riot Audio

bowed glass clouds

Bowed Glass Clouds is the latest offering from Riot Audio, and guess what? It’s free! This is a library that runs in Kontakt (full version), and focuses strictly on creating thick atmospheres using natural sound sources, such as bowed glass bowls and jars. On top of capturing the unique, resonant qualities of these objects, this library features a dual layered engine, which allows you to shape the sound of each layer individually as well as global effects such as distortion (for added tension), delay (for extra trippy sounds), and reverb (for huge, spaced out sounds). Combine all of the effects together to get mangled and twisted sounds, or just use the natural sounds “as-is” for a clean, beautiful pad.

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The result is nothing short of inspiring, with reverb tails that ring out for days, capable of adding inspiring beauty or unnerving tension to any of your tracks. This library is focused on one thing, creating atmospheric “clouds”, and it really nails it. I will definitely be using this library in the future for my cinematic and ambient tracks, and it will lend itself well to a variety of genres including lo-fi, chillstep, orchestral, film scores, sound design and more. You have absolutely no reason to miss this one, it’s completely FREE for a limited time!

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