Get freaky with the Klusterkitt Bundle by Pornofonic!

klusterkitt bundle

The Klusterkitt Bundle contains three separate electronic drum libraries for Kontakt (full version). These libraries are a TON of fun, and are the perfect addition to any composer’s or producer’s arsenal when it comes to rhythmic percussion. Each library uses a similar GUI, each with their own set of kits/samples, and each containing a ton of snapshots that are ready to rock as soon as you load them up.
Each library contains a whopping 54 kits, and each leans towards a certain style, determined by the sample selection and effects processing:

Konstruktor focuses on more clean, natural acoustic and synth drum sounds.

Fabrikator focuses more on the aggressive and highly processed sounds, using more distorted and gritty samples and processing.

Rezonator focuses on motion and effects to add more life and movement, using “Tape, Tube, and Wah pedal effects, and tone-based Modular and New Wave treatments”

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In addition to some inspirational snapshots, you can completely tailor everything to your liking: either by adding effects like convolution, delay, saturation, and filters to each individual sample, or completely swapping out samples altogether to achieve a completely different vibe. There are a massive amount of sound sources/samples available, and you can customize each kit with multiple different kicks, snares, and hi-hats mapped to separate keys or pads. Everything is covered from crisp, natural acoustic percussion, to thick subs, gritty kicks, and spacey ambient percussion. You can turn off all effects and have completely dry samples, or really go to town with the effects and processing and take everything to a whole new level. These libraries really can handle any type of electronic drum styles you can think of, from EDM and ambient trip-hop to cutting edge hybrid/cinematic sounds.


Not only do you get a staggering amount of sound possibilities from the vast amount of kits, samples, and effects to play with, each library comes with MIDI loops you can simply drag and drop into your sequencer to get started instantly.

Whether you are using the preset kits, or creating your own custom drum kits and effects settings, these libraries are incredible for adding rhythm and life and creating your own custom drum kits and loops. Areal no brainer for any producer or cinematic/hybrid composer! I had a ton of fun just playing around with these, and I barely even scratched the surface! I guarantee I will be using these for a long time, and they will fit right in to my current template with ease. Say goodbye to the same old drum loops and create your own with the Klusterkitt Bundle!

-Brian Freeland, APD

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