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In this video I’ll be showing the best way to pick up the full version of Kontakt for a bargain price – so do subscribe for more videos like this and ring the bell to keep up to date with our notifications and deals. 

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The full version of Kontakt is a powerful sampler player and a must-have for all musicians. It will open the door to thousands of free libraries too. In a nutshell, this method is all about crossgrade pricing and good timing. 

The first thing to do is head to the Native Instruments website and sign up for an account. Then download and install Native Access.

To get the Kontakt discount, you’ll need to own a library that qualifies for discount crossgrade pricing. You might already own a library that qualifies, but if not go to the Embertone website and look for the free Kontakt Player library Arcane.

Get that downloaded and installed by opening Native Access and registering the serial number that Embertone sends you.

Next, go back to the Native Instruments website, specifically the Kontakt 6 product page. Make sure you’re logged in and check the dropdown box to select CROSSGRADE and the site should now show you the discounted pricing. Now ADD TO SHOPPING CART and complete the checkout process in the normal way.

This crossgrade will already get you a reduced price but it could plummet even further if you wait for the 50% off sale that regularly happens in June and November. This site-wide sale often includes crossgrade pricing discounts so make sure you time it right for the biggest saving.

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11 months ago

Nice trick… any equivalent trick for update to Kontakt 5 to 6 ?

Last edited 11 months ago by Lee
Doug S.
Doug S.(@douglassteinschneider)
11 months ago

Thanks for the tip on using Arcane to enable Crossgrade pricing. $249 is at least getting into the ballpark. I’m going to wait to June to see if there is a discount then. BTW, I think it was APD who pointed me to Yanqin which I downloaded but hadn’t tried yet – very cool plugin!

Norman Lamont
Norman Lamont
11 months ago

This is a good tip, but last time they had the Black Friday sale they removed the crossgrade option. When I asked about it they said the reduction made it cheaper than the crossgrade.

4 months ago

Doesn’t work anymore with Arcane. . .

2 months ago
Reply to  kakunka

Yes it does. I bought it right now, crossgrade with Arcane.

2 months ago
Reply to  Papirfly

Yep, got it today as well. Still works.

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