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Looking For a Good Viking Kontakt Library?

Looking For a Good Viking Kontakt Library?


If you’re in need of a great Viking KONTAKT Sound Library, you’re in luck!

For music producers, having access to quality sounds is a must. If you aim to make any money from production, your client will want good professional quality.

Ditch those doo doo sounds!

Quality sound libraries will help you step your music production game up, spark fresh creativity, and set a new bar. You can’t lay down nice orchestral elements with cheap sounding drums and bass.

That’d be like putting a V12 engine in a car with a rusted out body and flat tires!

Who does that? Hopefully, not you.

Vikings Bundle by Keepforest



This Bundle Combines 2 Sound Libraries

Cinematic Punk Folk Trailer Toolkit and the Cinematic Metal Toolkit. The inspiration for these sounds is drawn from the unique vibes of Guy Ritchie’s King Arthur and the iconic Game of Thrones series.


Give the Vikings Kontakt Bundle a Listen!

Sounds good right? You can get the entire bundle for under $100! Right now, it’s on sale for $89 if you click through this link. 

What's Included In The Vikings Bundle?

Curious as to what’s included in the Vikings KONTAKT Bundle? No problem, continue reading.

Vikings: Cinematic Hybrid Punk Folk

Loads of sound effects: booms, hits, and risers. Pulse Designer and Strings Designer to help you create unique sounds!

Vikings Expansion: Metal Cinematic Toolkit:

3 types of metal guitars, electric basses, drum kits, synthesizer samples, and hybrid pulses to give your music that epic feel!

Here’s a More In depth Breakdown

Viking Bundle ComponentsCinematic Punk Folk Trailer ToolkitCinematic Metal Toolkit
Acoustic Instruments
  • Strings
  • Percussions
  • Guitars
  • Basses
  • 3 Cinematic Metal Guitars
  • 3 Drum Kits
  • 3 Bass Guitars
Sound Design Elements
  • 25 Acoustic Roll Hits
  • 12 Acoustic Signals
  • 67 Bass FXs
  • 38 Benders
  • 23 Booms
  • 61 Braams
  • 18 Clap Roll Hits
  • 24 Downers
  • 29 Fills
  • 17 Foley FX
  • 13 Kicks
  • 19 Punch Hits
  • 13 Punch Fills
  • 12 Rhythmic Whooshes
  • 44 Rises
  • 22 Rises Rhythmic
  • 46 Signals
  • 14 Short Punch Hits
  • 40 Viking Hits
  • 18 War Horns Benders
  • 22 Whooshes
  • 30 Metal Riffs
  • Various Synth Sounds
Beat Machine 
  • Integrated Beat Machine for creating rhythmic patterns

How Other KONTAKT Libraries Compare

Below is a brief comparison showcasing other sound libraries and how each stacks up regarding features and pricing.

Library Name Highlights Price
Spitfire Audio – Albion Series Rich high quality cinematic recordings. Starts at $449 per library.
8Dio – Majestica Huge orchestra library…lush sounding. $598
Native Instruments – Action Strings 2 Energetic and driving string lines, customizable patterns. $299
EastWest – Ra World and ethnic instruments, diverse and authentic sounds. $399 (Part of ComposerCloud starting at $19.99/month).
Keepforest – Vikings Bundle Nordic-inspired sounds, acoustic instruments, metal elements, sound design elements. Currently available for $89 (Special Offer).
Sonokinetic – Sotto Orchestral textures, subtle and intricate layers. $278
Soundiron – Apocalypse Percussion Ensemble Extensive collection of cinematic drums, detailed recordings. $299
Audiobro – LA Scoring Strings (LASS) Detailed and expressive string sections, advanced scripting. $599
Spectrasonics – Omnisphere 2 Vast range of synthesizers and hybrid sounds. $499

Viking Bundle Requirements

1. Kontakt Version

The Full version of Kontakt 6.2.1 or higher is needed (Free Kontakt Player is not supported).

2. Hard Drive Space

For optimal performance, you need approximately 20 GB of free space, preferably on an SSD.

3. RAM:

A minimum of 8 GB RAM, 16 GB or more, is recommended for larger projects.

4. DAW Compatibility

Compatible with DAWs supporting VST, AU, or AAX plugin formats, e.g., Ableton Live, Logic Pro X Pro Tools, Fl Studio, Reaper, Reason Studios, Bitwig.

Viking Kontakt Sound Library Bundle FAQ

1. Can I Use The Viking Sounds For Commercial Projects?

Yes, the Viking Bundle can be used in both personal and commercial projects.


2. Will The Viking Bundle Work With any DAW?

The Viking Bundle is compatible with any DAW that supports VST plugins and KONTAKT. If you do not own KONTAKT, you can drag and drop the wav files into your DAW and use them that way.


3. Can The KONTAKT Library Be Used To Compose Cinematic Music?

Without a doubt! The Viking Bundle is ideal for making soundtracks for movies, games, trailers, etc.

4. Can I purchase The Sound Library Directly From Keepforest?

Yes, but you will miss out on Audio Plugin Deals huge discount, and you don’t want that, do you? 


This Viking KONTAKT Sound Library is a great collection to own and is absolutely perfect for infusing projects with a touch of epic and medieval sound design.

Offering 22 GB+ of content: 3 cinematic metal guitars, 3 electric basses, 3 drum kits, and a plethora of sound effects and hybrid pulses, you’ll have plenty of quality sounds at your disposal.

The Pulse Designer will open up lots of rhythmic possibilities to help push unique soundscapes and energetic compositions.

This bundle is currently available for a limited time for $89.00, jump on it before the price goes back up to its original $299.

Vikings Bundle by Keepforest 

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