Introducing the Fresh+Dark bundle from Sampletraxx!

fresh+dark bundle by sampletraxx

Fresh sounds with a super dark twist… this is what Sampletraxx does best!

Introducing the Fresh+Dark bundle from Sampletraxx, available now at 82% off.

This bundle contains the following products:
Anti-System – With 10 separate .nki files, this library is the ultimate tool for modern, edgy, and dark cinematic sounds. Perfect for horror, action/tension and sound design, this has a variety of tonal and non tonal instruments, including hits, whooshes, atmospheres, feedback, glitched sounds, soundscapes, percussive and melodic loops, and noisescapes.

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Rituals – This is the only sound pack in the bundle which does NOT require Kontakt, as it’s a collection of HQ WAV files ready to drag and drop into your track. Featuring hits, booms, risers, textures, loops at various bpm, soundscapes and atmospheres. This is a trip into the occult and paranormal side of dark cinematic sounds.

Braams Vol. 2 – Focused only on the go-to sound for any modern trailer campaign or action track… the BRAAM!

Anti-System and Braams Vol. 2 feature pitch control, LFO, ADSR, reverb, and filters built into the GUI. In the video, let’s check out some of the sounds and see what we can do with it!

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