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Overview: VeeVum Trilogy by Audiofier

Overview: VeeVum Trilogy by Audiofier


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]VeeVum Trilogy is a collection of playable Kontakt instruments from Audiofier. It is designed for creating interesting textures and ambient sounds and is presented in a unique interface that displays samples in stacked hexagons like honeycomb in the wall of a beehive. The 3 separate instruments have similar interfaces but different sound sources:



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  • VeeVum One: features the sound of the Roland S-50 (sampled in both 30hz and 15hz). This instrument gives you access to the sound of the legendary synth (without having to spend a fortune). Using the unique interface, you can take this familiar sound to new places.
  • VeeVum A/D: features a blend of analog and digital synthesizers. This instrument is great for creating textures that get the best from both digital and analog gear.
  • VeeVum Real: features acoustic instruments and hybrid permutations. This instrument provides organic sounds that create rich textures and can complement the others nicely.

In addition to the honeycomb interface, another point of difference worth noting is the different play styles:  Playing in “Random” gives you the ability to play a different sample each time a key is pressed, while “Stack” will play all loaded samples at once. I found the random setting was a lot of fun as it provided many pleasant surprises. The stacked method came in handy for achieving a rich and glorious sound with many layers.

The instruments also have plenty of built-in effects that can spice up your sounds including:

  • Arpeggiator and step effects: A great feature when combined with the random playing mode!
  • Ornament engine: this feature plays additional notes at predetermined intervals. This can be a way to get unique patterns.
  • Convolver and random effects: This feature provides an easy way to add more flair to your sounds. I found this was a great way to get “glitchy” effects.

With plenty more on offer it is easy to spend hours tweaking and creating new sounds.

For people working in cinematic or ambient music this instrument is certainly worth a look at. For people that are operating in different genres there could be something here, in my video (in addition to making an ambient track) I found it easy to make a trap style track using one of VeeVum One’s arpeggiated patches.

 All in all, VeeVum Trilogy is a powerful collection of instruments that work well together and are musical to play.

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Overview: VeeVum Trilogy by Audiofier

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