Overview: Cristina Soto Vocal Atmospheres from Black Octopus!

Vocal Atmospheres Bundle by Black Octopus Sound

Today’s blog will cover a very versatile product we have in the shop, Cristina Soto Vocal Atmospheres from Black Octopus! This does not require Kontakt, instead it provides you with the WAV files of each sample and performance, so you don’t need any plugins to run this, just drag and drop directly into your DAW!

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There are a variety of performances, harmonies, drones, textures, and soundscapes in a variety of keys and tempos. The harmonies are great to simply layer together, and instantly produce beautiful harmonies for your tracks. You’ll also get beautiful, ambient vocal soundscapes, as well as long vowels (“ah” and “oh”). This sample pack is quite versatile as well, and you can use it in practically any genre, but it is especially well suited for EDM, pop, cinematic, and trance music. Check out the video to see how easy it is to get amazing sounds with this product!

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