James Spilling Track Challenge: Consequence, Baritone Guitar Washes and the Caribbean bundle

Hi Guys.

So i wrote this track using the three instruments – Consequence, Baritone Guitar Washes and the Caribbean bundle.

Consequence is great for instant inspiration and there is a lot under the hood. Having come up with your perfect groove, you can even drag it into your DAW and get those patterns played by other instruments. It is still pretty versatile. So even if you don’t like the sound set, you can still use it creatively. It’s also useful for those who want an intersting chord sequence to use as a juping off point.

Baritone Guitar Washes is a lovely pad/texture instrument. So if you ever need a very subtle texture adding that bit of interest to a track, you could use it very subtly and just have it simmering under everything else. Or you could embrace the ‘ambient guitar’ sound and dream away!

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The Caribbean bundle has so much in there. You could use it for the full on grooves that are already supplied, or you could use it as a sample set and dice, splice and create your own unique beats. I am a big fan of any huge sample set when recorded well, and these samples sound very nice to me.

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