Compose Better With Chordjam by Audiomodern

Chordjam by Audiomodern

Chordjam from Audiomodern is a new and innovative plugin that assists you with creating perfect chords and chord progressions for every track, no matter the genre.

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Need some basic help with chord voicing on your latest cinematic score? Simply load Chordjam into your DAW and route your instrument track to receive MIDI data from Chordjam, and within seconds you’ll have access to new chord voicings in any scale.

Are you stuck in a rut, writing with the same old chord progressions for every new track? Chordjam can inspire you and help you create something new and fresh in the click of a button.

At it’s most basic, it can randomize the notes and voicing of your chords and create something familiar, yet new at the same time.

It can be as basic or as complex as you need it to be, it can even infinitely create new chord progressions in any key or scale until the end of time, though hopefully you finish the track before then! Check it out today!

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