Why Does My Mix Sound Terrible?

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So perhaps you’ve spent hours mixing your own song and it’s just not sounding as good as you’d like it to?

The problem could actually be the arrangement of your track – and that’s something you need to fix, way before you think about mixing it.

Just like making a cake, if the ingredients are all wrong it’ll taste horrible, so go back into the arrangement and see what you can change. Perhaps there’s too many layers playing at the same time, or your kick and bass are competing for attention in the same frequency range, or maybe your synths are all clashing with one another. Carve out some space with volume automation, delete tracks or move them around and see if things improve. 

Tell us in the comments if this is a problem for you, and how you’ve solved it.

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1 year ago

totally agreed.. good recording quality source and arrangement are the most important things before mixing/mastering starts and people just forget them…. if the recording quality is bad probably just for one instrument could be fixed up to a good point (depending on how bad it was recorded) let’s say a guitar, but what happens if drums, bass, and vocals are coming up in the same way?…. when composing music as a rule of thumb about the arrangement i have just a simple one…. “the track must be sounding well before start running all these shiny plugins and hoping or praying… Read more »

1 year ago

I know exactly what you mean. I think it’s something we all encounter at some time or other and I would offer three tips from my own experience. 1) Volume automation is a powerful ally in this situation. 2) Don’t regard your first arrangement as sacrosanct and unchangeable. 3) Be patient and don’t rush. I once read that The Who took six months to mix “Quadrophenia”. Resist the temptation to finish off a particulat track, even though you’re not 100% happy with it.

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