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Mellotron Plugin Emulation: Beatles, PinkFloyd, Strawberry Fields

Mellotron Plugin Emulation: Beatles, PinkFloyd, Strawberry Fields


Being a music producer comes with its excitement and challenges. Initially, you start with a small pallet working with what you have, but after a while, your taste in sound starts to evolve due to exposure and curiosity.

You might even find yourself leaving the clean digital sound and needing to explore vintage software or software that emulates hardware. Some of those are Compressors, EQs, Limiters, and, more popular for synths, your source sounds.

The Mellotron was one of these keyboards that caught the world by storm in the ’60s. It used magnetic tapes to produce a wide range of sounds, from orchestral strings, brass, violins, bassoons, organ, clarinets, choirs, the whole shabang.

This was a classic you could find on many albums and hit songs made by artists and bands such as, but not limited to, Radiohead, King Crimson, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and of course, The Beatles.

Owning a real Mellotron was ideal for some, but they are expensive and can be a pain in the butt to repair.

Thankfully, today we have access to software emulations that can replicate the classic tones of the Mellotron, allowing music producers to incorporate its distinctive sounds into their work without the price tag. These emulations are not only affordable but bypass space and weight.

M-Tron Special Pricing

M-Tron MkII by GForce Software

Why Some Producers Prefer a Mellotron over Other Synthesizers

A lot of music producers like the Mellotron not because it’s perfect but because of its quirks and imperfections. It doesn’t sound like the super clean and perfect music we hear from modern keyboards.

Instead, it has a unique sound, similar to how vinyl records have that special warmth

It’s like anything that has a good sound; people will continue to use it, regardless of how old it is. Yes, the U87 is old, and there are newer microphones out there on the market, but people like how the U87 sounds, so they use it.

The Mellotron’s unique character stems from its tape based playback. This offers warmth and texture that most digital synthesizers don’t replicate well.

Blending the Mellotron’s vintage sound with modern production techniques, producers can create a rich, layered sound that stands out in today’s carbon-copy world, adding a touch of classic authenticity to tracks.

M-Tron MkII Features

Mellotron Emulation M-Tron

M-Tron MKII FeaturesDescription
Sound SourcesRhythms, Accompaniments & Lead sounds from the 1960’s dual-manual Chamberlin & Mellotron MkI & MkII.
Tempo DivisionSlow down the playback speeds of rhythms and accompaniments in exact steps related to your host’s tempo.
Tape Banks132 tape banks, several of which have never been released.
Sample Library4500+ individual samples curated from The Streetly Archives.
Tron PatchesTron Comes with 150+ Patches.
ModesRhythm / Accompaniment & Lead mode, plus Dual Rhythm / Accompaniment mode.
Trigger OptionsParallel Trigger option for Rhythms, Accompaniments or both.
Advanced FeaturesRhythm & Accompaniment Host Sync, Transposition, Tape Half Speed, Tape 2s-Rewind Time, Tape Reverse and Pan.
Key Edit ControlsIndividual key edit control (tape start, detune, tape pan, key click), & key edit presets save and recall.
Chord FinderVisual aid for playing matched Rhythms and Accompaniments.
Keyboard CompatibilityUse one 88 note keyboard or two separate smaller keyboards to control each manual.
EffectsReverb (modern / spring) and other time based fx (Delay)
Authentic ExperienceUn looped tape banks for an authentic MkII playing experience.

Mellotron Demo: Take a Listen To The M-Tron Demo


Here, you’ll find a little bit of a mix of everything: Chill Hop, Bossa Nova, Flutes, Foxtrot. Take a listen to the Mellotron’s sound quality.

What Really Makes M-Tron Stand Out

What stands out to me about this M-Tron plugin is the different sections, Rhythm, and Accompaniment. Most of the mellotron plugins I’ve tried have orchestral instrument presets, and they harp on the fact that you can sound just like the Beatles did in Strawberry Fields. Some even have hit song inspired presets.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that song and having access to those sounds, but the split board and being able to rotate through them while keeping sections of the keyboard intact is different for me.


Ok, if you’re a producer looking for a good Mellotron emulation and need to get that nostalgic feel into the music.

M-Tron is a good plugin to bring on board, as it brings something different to the table when compared to other emulations out there. It sounds great, has a simple install process, and…I mean, it just works.

You can grab yours by clicking the banner below.

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Are you new to the site? How do all the sales, discounts, and deals work? Not a problem.

Here’s everything you need to know about acquiring discounts and other exclusive deals → https://audioplugin.deals/how-it-works/

M-Tron MkII by GForce Software

Mellotron Plugin FAQ

1. What Makes The Mellotron Plugin Different From Other Synthesizer Plugins?

The M-Tron Plugin replicates the sounds of the original Mellotron, known for its tape based pre recorded instruments. Most synth generates sounds electronically using oscillators.


2. What Other Mellotron Plugins Are Available Besides The M-Tron MkII?

Arturia Mellotron V,  IK Multimedia SampleTron, Toontrack EZkeys Mellotoon, and UVI Mello. All are good, but offer their own unique sound.


3. How Does M-Tron MkII Compare To Free Mellotron Plugins?

GForce stands out by having access to original Mellotron tapes that others don’t, putting the M-Tron MkII on top. Free samples, while accessible, typically lack this depth.

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    Mellotron Plugin Emulation: Beatles, PinkFloyd, Strawberry Fields

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