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PSP BussPressor vs MTurboCompLE: Dynamic Duos?

PSP BussPressor vs MTurboCompLE: Dynamic Duos?

PSP BussPressor vs MTurboCompLE Dynamic Duos

Compressors, when to use them, what type should be used and why? Can I ever have enough compressors…This is where my head was about 15 years ago.

Choosing the right compressor plugin can be just as challenging as making music. Do you want a vintage feel or a modern sound? Do you want a compressor that adds color or a lot of color?

It can be frustrating with all the options and techniques, but rewarding once you figure it out. This post is meant to give you a starting point, hopefully clear up some confusion, and introduce you to two compressors that will make life easier.

One thing I didn’t understand early on in my music creator was compressors and how powerful they were.

In fact, I used to avoid using a compressor purposely, maybe that’s a good thing as I probably would have had less appreciation for them then vs now.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the MTurboCompLE and PSP’s BussPressor and what makes them stand out.

MTurboCompLE by MeldaProduction

Understanding Compressor Plugins: Let’s Attack The Basics Real Fast

Before grabbing a compressor, you have to know what it does, and what you’re looking to get out of it.

Too often, we see music producers slapping on compressors in hopes of them doing something magical and in the end they kill their lovely dynamics and or wind up with a mess.

What Is a Compressor and Why Would I Use One?

Automatic Volume Control: Helps you easily balance audio signals. Without it, you’d have to ride knobs, faders and use automation, highly tedious, but this is how it used to work.

Essential for Cohesion: Depending on the type of compressor and settings used, you can glue elements on a buss, including the entire mix together, making it sound more cohesive and gelled together.


Why Compressors Matter In Music Production and Mixing

Spicing Things Up: Compressors can help the mix sound more lively, thicker, tighter or add character.

Genre Specific Sounds: Some compressors and settings cater well to specific genres better than others.

For example, 1176 is great for catching transients in Drums, you’ll find this used a lot in Rock music as well as taming live drums.

Hip Hop vocals can benefit from the 1176 as well and sometimes, depending on the artists taste by use a combination of the 1176 and the LA2A.

Mastering Compression

This is easy to do in theory, but putting it into practice is another story. You’ll want to experience different compressor types and combinations of different source sounds to find tones and characters you like.

No two compressors do the exact same thing.

Sometimes, I like using a compressor for leveling, and other times, adding color. The compressors I’d choose for this are different from each other, as well as the compressor I’d use for obtaining a consistent level within a recording.

MTurboCompLE: What Makes This MeldaProduction Compressor Special?

Yea yea, I know I know a compressor is a compressor. True, but not really. Here’s what makes MTurboCompLE stand out above the the compressor plugins.

PSP BussPressor vs MTurboCompLE

1. Vintage Options: Brings many classic compressors to the table. All within 1 plugin

2. Simplicity: Extremely easy to use, the settings are preset and dialed in for you. You can also dive in and adjust to taste.

3. CPU Friendly: Hardly any CPU usage. Melda prides themselves on this

4. Automatic Gain Control: Keeps audio from crossing the 0dB threshold

5. A/B Comparison: Flip between settings with the A/B comparison feature.

Why Auto Gain Compensation Is Important

I used to slap on a few compressors and think, “damn, this is what I’ve been missing,” until a friend bypassed them and turned the overall volume up. I got the same feeling in the end.

This is a common trap in mixing music. Without Auto Gain Compensation, boosting the volume can trick you into thinking the mix has improved when it’s really just louder.

PSP BussPressor

Then, we have the PSP BussPressor. This beasts hits different. What you can expect from this compressor plugin.

1. Classic VCA Compression: It has a bit of warmth yet is still transparent. It mimics an SSL Styled Buss Compressor.

2. Side Chain: Useful for keeping kicks and bass relationships in line. It can also be used to keep vocals from being buried by instruments.

3. Parallel Compression: Blend the original source with the compressed or processed sound. They are also known as New York Styled Compression.

4. Zero Latency Processing: This feature makes the PSP Compressor ideal for live gigs.

These compressors are great for compressing vocals, guitar, and bass drums and are incredibly versatile.

MTurboCompLE vs PSP BussPressor

Here’s a quick dirty comparison of the two compressors outlining some of the similarities and differences

FeaturesMTurboCompLEPSP BussPressor
Type of CompressionMultiple classic compressor emulations in 1 single compressor pluginClassic VCA compression
FlexibilityHighly versatile with many modelsFlexible, but focused on VCA characteristics
UsabilitySimple UI for quick adjustmentsStepped controls for precise settings
Special FeaturesAutomatic Gain Compensation, Safety Limiter, Multiple A/B comparisons slotsSide Chain High Pass Filter, Parallel Compression
Best Used ForWide range of applications due to multiple models it offers. Works well for all genres of musicDrum busses, full mixes, where VCA compression is desired
LatencyDepends on the emulation model and settingsZero latency processing
Platform CompatibilitySupports AAX, AudioUnit, VST, VST3 on Windows and macOSSupports AAX, AudioUnit, VST, VST3 on Windows and macOS

MTurboCompLE vs PSP BussPressor: Which One Should You Choose?

Tough question to answer. Ultimately, it depends on your needs and the type of sound you prefer. But why not use them together?

1. MTurboCompLE: Use this on individual tracks to maintain consistency. Place it on indie channels or tracks to help keep them in line dynamically.

2. PSP BussPressor: Use the PSP to add glue to the entire mix and color, as it is less transparent than Melda’s Compressor.

3. Using Both: Use MTurboCompLE for subtle compression and PSP BussPressor for the edge and color the TurboComp lacks.

4. Another Option: one of my favorites, is using the PSP Compressor for tonal enhancement and MTurboComp for precise control.

This allows you to achieve the desired tonal character while maintaining control over the dynamics without compromising the tone.

One thing about the MeldaProduction plugins. They replicate the controls of hardware units without introducing their grit and noise, resulting in a very clean sound that still behaves like analog. This isn’t always what you want.


MTurboCompLE and PSP BussPressor are both amazing compressor plugins that can be used on their own, but they are more powerful when used together.

Right now, you can get them both at a crazy discount MTurboCompLE $25.00 and PSP BussPressor $29.99. You can’t go wrong with either.

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PSP BussProcessor by PSPAudioware

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    PSP BussPressor vs MTurboCompLE: Dynamic Duos?

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