Mix smarter with the brand new smart:comp by Sonible!

Sonible once again unleashes a game changing plugin on the masses. They’ve already tackled EQ’s with incredibly useful plugins such as frei:raum and the updated smart:eq 2, and this time they’ve got their eye on a new target: the compressor!

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Many of us are familiar with compression when it comes to mixing, or at least we know the term. We know it can make drums sound extra punchy and huge, glue elements of a track together, or add that professional polish to your vocals. However, when used incorrectly, compression can do more harm than good. While experimenting with knobs can be satisfying, it can also be incredibly tedious and time consuming to get the perfect sound.

In comes smart:comp, the intelligent compressor from Sonible. This plugin uses advanced A.I. technology to analyze and learn the spectral frequencies of your input signal, and instantly applies the recommended parameters in seconds. All of this can be done on the fly, on multiple tracks at once, and can provide instant, professional results. Just insert the smart:comp plugin onto your tracks, hit the “learn” button and play the audio for a few seconds. The plugin will take care of the rest! A convenient A-B function lets you compare different sets of parameters side by side, and the plugin contains various instrument profiles to get the most out any sound you can throw at it.

Smart:comp really is a game changer, not only for providing a unique all-in-one compression suite, but also an incredible learning tool for those who want to know more about how compression works on various audio signals. Everything you’d expect from a professional compressor plugin is present here, including low CPU usage and clear signal transparency, and what sets this apart is Sonible’s one-of-a-kind approach to using A.I. to assist producers and composers in ways that were previously impossible. This is a fantastic opportunity to get your hands on a powerful and unique tool, and a must have for both beginners and experienced musicians and engineers.

If your not quite ready to buy this amazing plugin jump over to the developers website and get a free 30 day demo.

Smart Comp is an ai based high resolution multiband compressor. You can also find it over in our shop with a great discount.

-Brian Freeland, APD

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