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[WATCH] Play us a song, piano man – TVBO Studio Grand Piano Walkthrough

[WATCH] Play us a song, piano man – TVBO Studio Grand Piano Walkthrough


The TVBO Studio Grand Piano is an impeccable Kontakt library by Sampletekk. Please note: this library does require the full version of Kontakt, as opposed to the free Konkakt Player.

The recordings of the piano took place at OAL studios in Stockholm, Sweden

The grand piano sampled here is the legendary Yamaha C7, which is actually the best selling and most recorded piano in the world, and for a good reason! This library captures every pristine detail of the real C7 piano: rich, full sound and a beautiful, mellow sustain. The recording engineers here used a Neumann SM2 and a Neumann U89 microphone setup, to capture both the up-close detail of the piano as well as the rich ambience. These microphones can be selected and enabled either together or individually for full control of your sound.

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The GUI is simple and offers some really beautiful reverb presets, with full control over the wet/dry signal, delay, hall rize, etc. Including hi and lo pass filters to shape the tone and sound is a nice touch, as well as the option to adjust the min. and max. velocity when keys are pressed. When the maximum velocity is at a lower setting, it gives you a truly beautiful, mellow, and delicate sound (similar to Native Instruments Noire piano), perfect for emotional scoring. There is also a knob to detune the piano, which gives you the perfect tone for honky tonk and captures the sound of a piano played in an old timey, wild west saloon.

These sound shaping options truly give you the tools to cover a very wide range of styles, from show tunes and pop songs (with a bright, crisp attack) , film noir or jazz (mellow and understated), emotional cinematic scores (rich reverb and soaring tone), and even modern EDM/trance pianos (just add a delay!).

Stop by the shop and out the TVBO Studio Grand Piano. This is a definite no-brainer if you are in need of a piano library! Remember to check your APD Rewards wallet, which can bring your price down to as low as $49.80 (a $249 dollar value).

free playable demo

 Sampletekk offers a free demo that you can download on there website. The download is on the left hand side at the top. You can also download the manual from there. 

some of the other features of the piano

  • More than 7399 samples
  • Real Pedalling
  • 24 bit 44.1 stereo samples compressed as .ncw format
  • Velocity Control

Brian Freeland, APD


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    [WATCH] Play us a song, piano man – TVBO Studio Grand Piano Walkthrough

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