[WATCH] Checking out ADVENTURE BRASS by Musical Sampling!

adventure brass

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime with ADVENTURE BRASS by Musical Sampling!

We’re super excited to announce our latest deal, featuring the fantastic sounds of Adventure Brass by Musical Sampling at a whopping 64% percent off! That means you can get this easy brass writing tool for just $99.99 (regular price $279!)

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Featuring medium sized sections and recorded in position in prominent LA scoring stage “The Bridge”, the library contains multiple mic positions to really shape your sound, and really get the perfect balance between up close detail and a more traditional, cinematic hall sound. What really sets this library apart is the ease of use on display here. You simply have to load up ONE articulation, and you get an effortless performance patch that just works for both long AND short articulations. No more endless keyswitches to write fast, agile brass lines featuring both dotted notes and long, bold sustains. This library works flawlessly for both long and short notes depending on note length/how long you hold the key, and how hard you play (velocity).


Included are trumpets(2), horns(4), trombones(2), and a tuba, with LITE patches for all instruments as well to save resources. Using the horns as an example. you can simply use the traditional keyswitches to enable just sustains or just short notes (staccato and staccatissimo), but the true beauty lies with loading up the “Adventure Horns” or “Majestic Horns” patch and letting the scripting take care of the rest. Quick notes are incredibly precise, and really excel at those fast double and triple tongued passages, while flawlessly going from short to long notes as you hold down the keys longer. This really is an intuitive engine and it’s incredibly useful for quick writing.

Stop by the site and check out the deal today! Don’t miss out on the adventure!


-Brian Freeland, APD

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