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OVERVIEW: EGOIST by Sugarbytes

OVERVIEW: EGOIST by Sugarbytes


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]EGOIST by Sugarbytes is a unique instrument that refuses to conform. With its ingenious interface, users have the ability to create basslines, drum grooves and warp samples into arrangements that sound like they are from another world. With its quirky approach to music making, Egoist could be used in almost any genre of music to add some spice and originality.


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Egoist is divided into four screens as follows:

SLICER: A great place to get started. You can choose from one of the many included samples or import your own samples into the slicer. Once you have picked your sample you have the ability to chop up your sound into a sequence.

BASS AND BEAT: In this section you can add basslines and drum patterns to your part. There are plenty of great drum sounds to choose from (10 drum kits, each kit having 32 options for Kick, Snare and Hi Hat).

EFFECTS: This section allows you to apply effects using a step sequencer. With the ability to place an effect on just one beat in the sequence, you can apply your effects rhythmically and get sounds that would be very hard to achieve with conventional plugins.

SETTINGS: This final section allows you control over wider parameters like master tune, Max-Out (a maximizer) and Clock source.

Perhaps the best way to understand EGOIST is from this statement in the manual:

The simplicity and limitations of Egoist will focus your creativity.
Everything in Egoist is immediate: change parameters on the go while the loop is running. Your ear will know when it’s good – if you’re not happy, keep playing

This is really all you need to know to get started. EGOIST is a state of mind. Once you start playing around you will feel at home with this interface and the ideas will start to fly.

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OVERVIEW: EGOIST by Sugarbytes

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