Overview: Synths Abyss by Karanyi Sounds – LIMITED FREE DOWNLOAD

synths abyss by karanyi sounds

Freebie Alert – Synths 2: Abyss! Dark, analog soundscapes courtesy of Karanyi Audio (Full Kontakt required!)

Download Free here (expires June 2, 2020): https://audioplugin.deals/synths-abyss-by-karanyi-sounds/

Sampled from authentic analog gear from Oberheim to Moog, Abyss gives you 190 presets and 40 multis to load up and use instantly.

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In addition, they’ve included the pure, raw analog samples from the hardware synths themselves, giving you a variety of phat waveforms to sculpt and mold to your heart’s content.

The presets range from lush, deep sub basses to mangled glitch styles, dark cinematic soundscapes, and granular inspired atmospheres. Great for old school synth-wave, modern trip-hop, ambient soundscapes, and cinematic music.

You can even get creative with the effects chain and create searing wobble basses with a little help from a bandpass filter and some distortion/compression. Free for a limited time, don’t miss it!

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