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Turning 88 Notes Into 6 Strings – AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle

Turning 88 Notes Into 6 Strings – AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle


Every Keyboard Player Dreams Of Playing Guitar, Don’t They?

Over the years, if it had black and white keys, I was playing it. The guitar always seemed fun and portable, so much easier to carry around than a piano, but most of all it was the sound.

As an arranger, the quest has always been to find a way to sound like a guitarist without having the guitar. Then as if by some miracle, sample libraries started to become available and affordable, the keyboard player no longer had to carry the burden of having to play an actual guitar.

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Acousticsamples is known for their unique approach to sampling. They bring various techniques of recording and modeling together, to create playable and responsive instruments. Their 4-in-1 guitar bundle features some of the most beautiful instruments that will bring the magic of six strings into your studio.


Acousticsamples spared no expense selecting the instruments for these libraries. The GD-6 is based on a beautiful Guild D-40 custom electro-acoustic models, Strategy is based on a classic Fender Stratocaster, Telematic is based on a deeply sampled Fender Telecaster, with its very unique sound, and the Sunbird is derived from a classic 1962 Gibson Hummingbird acoustic guitar. This collection gives you all of the flavors you might need when looking for that perfect guitar sound.


Each guitar library uses Acousticsamples intelligent performance engine, allowing you to break free of sounding like a keyboardist and more like the guitar player that you always wanted to be. There are several modes of performance you can select from; Solo, Chord, Patterns, and MIDI Guitar for those who have a MIDI guitar controller.

Solo mode allows you to play freely and expressively using various legato modes to bring out the most convincing performances. Chord mode sees the chord you are playing in the left hand and voices it realistically, while you use notes in the right hand to trigger up and down strumming, as well as being able to play the individual strings in the current chord.

The white keys initiate the strums, while the black keys play the strum up, and down mutes, making chord transitions sound convincing.

Pattern mode provides a way to assign pre-sequenced patterns to the notes on the keyboard and includes a Pattern Maker and Song Builder to create the performance you are looking for.


All of the Acousticsamples guitar libraries provide detailed controls for fine-tuning the instrument to your particular playing style. Everything from fret position to strumming behavior, they have you covered. There are so many options for how the chords and strings are triggered, even down to capo and tuning settings. Every aspect of the library can be adjusted including release and fret noises, and to adjust the velocity sensitivity of your MIDI controller.

Each guitar library has its own special set of mic and pickup options to dial in the perfect mix. you can adjust the various levels as well as control EQ, along with a very nice reverb module.


Acousticsamples have done an amazing job selecting the highest quality instruments. Your next arrangement will come alive in ways you never could imagine thanks to the love and care Acousticsamples have placed into each one of these libraries.

So tell me, what’s next on the menu?

By, Simeon Amburgey

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    Turning 88 Notes Into 6 Strings – AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle

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