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Initial Audio Master Suite

The Master Suite from Initial Audio is essentially the final plugin for your mixing chain. It combines a smart compressor system with a finishing EQ and sends your audio into a brick wall loudness chain which is amazing for creating commercially loud and clear masters.

Having the option to changed the frequency response to a more analogue feel simply adds to the flexibility, its an option to use to taste. And if the mix is still slightly lacking the THD control will help to fill out and fatten up any mix, Again its completely adjustable to taste giving superb flexibility at this late stage in finalising your music.

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Your EDM music needs to be club ready and the mono control ensures that kick drum will be present in the master and rip though on any club system.


Master Suite by Initial Audio


The industry standard LUFS measurements lets you know when exactly your reaching the best volume potential of your music and will highlight green, perfect for a digital release or a CD master.


Bring your tracks up to level today with Initial Audio Master Suite

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