smartEQ 3 – World’s 1st Intelligent Multitrack EQ – Quick Look!

We’re going to check out the brand-spankin’ new SmartEQ 3, and see how quick and easy it is to use on both an orchestral track and with live-recorded guitars! Subtle differences, but it improves clarity, removes mud and clashing frequencies, and polishes up the mix.

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Introducing SmartEQ 3 from Sonible! The latest and greatest entry in the hit SMART series from Sonible, the long-awaited SmartEQ 3, has finally dropped. Improving upon the powerful and user-friendly features of the previous iteration, SmartEQ 3 has taken the next step and given you the one must-have EQ tool you may have never known you needed.

Featuring an improved algorithm for ultra-precise custom EQ curves, you can even apply a dynamic EQ to analyze all incoming audio signals and adapt accordingly. My favorite feature is the grouping function, which allows you to seamlessly layer multiple sources within a single plugin instance and apply EQ on the fly however you see fit.

My personal favorite equalizer plugin just got a whole lot better, and I’m all for it!

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