Pro Tip: Plugin Demos – Don’t Get Cheated!

plugin demos don't get cheated

In this video I’ll be explaining how demos from plugin developers can fool you into thinking that the sound is better than it really is. Do subscribe for more videos like this and ring the bell to keep up to date with our notifications and deals.

Have a listen to these two audio examples using a secret plugin. First A with the plugin bypassed and then B with the plugin active.

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So what’s the secret plugin? Absolutely nothing! The audio is just louder in example B. When it comes to music, the human brain often confuses louder with better.

Now, we’re not pointing any fingers here, but some developers use this simple trick to fool you into assuming that their plugin demo is doing more impressive processing than it really is, just because the processed audio is a little louder.

There’s another element to this; make sure that when you’re working on your own projects, you’re listening to before and after signals at the same volume for accurate comparisons.

So have you ever been fooled by an overly loud plugin demo? Tell us in the comments.

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