Get never-ending, spacey sounds with the all new Veevum Series Bundle from Audiofier!

This bundle was an absolute gem to experiment with, particularly for its versatility and customisable sound palette. Although advertised for Ambient Cinematic style we feel it would also be a great soundscape for video games or even a nice layer in many different musical styles.

Each library brought its own part to the table with Astra providing lush, evolving soundscapes, Terra with its acoustic instruments moulded by various recording equipment including tape and valve preamps; and Luna giving a grittier synth sound with various processing through guitar pedals.

The interface is beautiful and is consistent throughout all 3 libraries in the bundle. It is very easy to create a unique sound within seconds from selecting its honeycomb sound layers, adjusting each layer to your liking and if you are feeling particularly adventurous there is a Randomiser that will select layers for you.

Audiofier have left a lot of room for customising your sounds and Its value of $25 for all 3 is one not to be missed!

– Jess @ APD

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