Trapdrive – Distortion doesn’t get much easier than this.

Trapdrive by Diginoiz

TrapDrive from DigiNoiz is a great plugin to dial in quick distortion to any sound.

For me, I find it very useful on drums, 808s, pianos, and even strings.

The input and output knobs are pretty straightforward; they adjust the level coming in and level going out.

The key features of the plugin are the “Type” and “Amount” knobs. I spent most of my time tweaking these knobs to dial in the perfect sound for my production.

There are other features in the plugin that you might find useful as well, such as “Supress DC” and “Oversample 4x.”

Test out TrapDrive on any sound to add that extra character that might be missing.

You can download TrapDrive 100% FREE for a few days more, click here to get started.


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1 year ago

awesome tutorial. thanks!

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