[WATCH] Get Ahead of the Competition with Smart:EQ 2 by Sonible!

sonible smart:EQ 2

Looking for a new EQ? Check out smart:EQ2 from Sonible, and get the edge up on the competition!

smart:EQ2 is the latest EQ plugin from the Sonible team, and as always, it goes above and beyond to give you cutting edge features you won’t find anywhere else, in addition to being a fantastic multi-band equalizer.

smart:EQ2 is dubbed as “The Intelligent Equalizer”, and it firmly delivers on that promise. With the simple click of a button, this plugin will use cutting edge AI processing to analyze your audio source material, and within seconds it will apply a custom EQ curve, boosting certain frequencies while cutting the problematic frequencies, all within a matter of seconds. That’s right, you can go from a flat and boring mix, to a polished and hi-definition sounding track, all within a matter of seconds. It really is that simple, and it works wonders. You don’t even have to know anything about mixing to get instant, professional results.

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In addition to the smart features this plugin also functions as a powerful multi-band EQ, and can stand on it’s own among the most expensive EQ plugins on the market today. Add in the smart processing, and you have one of the best plugins money can buy. We all know the EQ plugin is the foundation of all good mixes, and smart:EQ2 makes it more accessible than ever before.

Watch the magic in real time, as we apply the smart:EQ2 in real time to multiple tracks and transform our mix in a matter of minutes!

Create a natural sounding sound using artificial intelligence.

-Brian Freeland, APD

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